Product Consulting

Roadmaps for virtualising enterprises

Our focus is on giving tangible outputs and assist clients in Decision making. Our products are Training Workshops and Consulting models for value generation. It is our eventual goal to provide on-line solutions to our clients, especially in the SME sector, with minimal human intervention for routine decision making.. Simple keying-in of some specific data in to an on-line form will give the client a diagnosis of the problem area. Our algorithm based engine at the back end would crunch the data and identify the problem area and present it back. Through our proprietary consulting modules, we would then provide solutions to the clients’ problems – be it working capital related, supply chain related, debtors related or employee related. What's more, driven by artificial intelligence, we would have an array of possible solutions provided to you for a variety of problem areas.

  • Cluster consulting for SMEs
  • On-line strategic planning for upcoming entrepreneurs
  • Marketing outsource
  • Service delivery outsourcing
  • Products for effective interpersonal communication
Consulting Council